Ergonomic Neuromusculoskeletal Active Workplace Plan

The Active Workplace Plan is a two-stage workplace modification program designed to reduce and eliminate ergonomic related employee injury, stress and illness.  It helps to prepare the body to do more by opening up its ability to accomplish tasks through stimulation of movement patterns, breathing and heart rate. It helps to reconnect the brain with the body, increase awareness of body position and movement, and sustain function for active use.


Initially employees will be instructed and educated on the fundamentals of health and wellness as it pertains to their physical well-being in the workplace. Implications of poor physical health, improper workstation utilization, inadequate nutritional support, depleted rest levels, stress and nervous system irritation will be made clear.


It is a 3 to 4 station physical set up which requires minimal training for benefit to occur. It is easily implemented in small spaces or places while returning significant ergonomic, health, productivity and wellness benefits.


Employees will be taught the fundamentals of the Active Workplace Plan and how to carry out the program on-site in order to obtain benefits to health, wellness, productivity and work enjoyment. Ancillary support will be provided by other Time Health Management members to ensure successful follow-through and adoption of the program.