Staff Shop Special Offer and Promotion

We are now offering virtual ergonomic assessments courtesy of Staff Shop!

Your virtual assessment is perfect for working from home to help make any situation more comfortable and productive. You'll receive customized suggestions for improvement as well as a follow up session to help with implementation and any necessary finishing touches.

We'll even include the most valuable component of an ergonomic assessment, the human component! We'll be sure that your habits at the computer are improved and designed with your health and comfort in mind.

Given the ongoing Covid-19 situation, this assessment is also perfect for the workplace where an onsite assessment may no longer be as available or indicated.

The full assessment with recommendations can be scheduled at your convenience and a written report will be provided.


- help with pain problems like back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches

- improve posture and associated health benefits with breathing, blood pressure, and more

- increased productivity and focus with less wasted energy


For more details, or to arrange for your ergonomic assessment, please contact Dr. Dave at or by phone at 416-697-7918.

Other Ergonomic Special Offers

Your organization will benefit from human-centric ergonomic assessments, detailed report of findings, and solution-based corrective implementations involving furniture, hardware and most importantly habit changing awareness for the computer user.


This effort can be in a group format and/or on a one-on-one as needed basis. This successful ergonomic approach will have a qualified ergonomically trained business partner working with you to train staff, engage employees in ergonomic related tasks, and regularly audit your environment for best practices. This can include an annual report for the business as well as an annual rolling review of the employees.


As customized as ergonomics should be for the employee, we will also personalize an ergonomic approach for your company that meets your needs and interests.