Jennifer Snowdon
Health and Wellness Consultant


Jennifer, through her own experience in the corporate and business world, has no come full circle in understanding that workplaces are not as aware as they could be with respect to all the benefits that health and wellness options like yoga can deliver, including but not limited to:

Strength (not just in body, but in routines and task accomplishment)

Flexibility (not just in joint and muscle, but in duties and responsibilities)

Nervous system shift (for better habits, regulation, outcomes and results)

Mental relaxation through meditation (for more focus, recall and "multi-tasking")


Jennifer creates tangible business results for companies by evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats on the human capital level and designs yoga practices, mindfulness techniques and actionable items that address those things. If people are on the phone for cumulative long periods, or sitting at computers all day, they will benefit from yoga to help with strength/stretch as well as an awareness of how to negate these effects with micro-yoga techniques throughout the day, body and mind.


High-paced environments where stress levels are significant would benefit from restorative yoga poses done as a routine or as a one-off on an as needed basis. Or perhaps a quiet, 20-minute guided meditation at 3pm every day is something that tech or other related industry sector companies are willing to embrace.