Time Health Management services aim to create sustainable initiatives in the workplace that foster employee health, wellness and vitality. An employee who is engaged in this manner will be happier and more productive in the workplace.

Happier, more productive employees

To stimulate this outcome, we provide:

Awareness of the potential implications of poor employee health

This awareness is communicated through understanding by the professional team at Time Health Management.


Group education and individual implementation

Methods of delivery include group information sessions. These are traditionally conducted as lunch and learn sessions. However, consideration should be given to more formal workplace training events to elevate prospective value. They are also done through team building sessions, ongoing correspondence via email (electronic newsletters or bulletins) and access to Time Health Management team members when needed.


The consequence of these informative sessions is three-fold accountability. When inspired to care for themselves, employees will extend this approach to care for each other and for the overall optimum productivity of the business. Employees will be accountable to themselves, their co-workers and the company.


Systems of implementation

Systems will be designed to be readily carried out in the workplace and in the long-term by employees. Implementation of on-site workplace modifications will include health fairs, workplace assessments, job assessments, active workplace routines and on-site health and wellness interventions.  

Customized solutions

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide customized solutions which include:

  • On-site presentations such as lunch-‘n’-learn sessions or group seminars on topics most suited to the audience and their employment.

  • Organization and implementation of company health fairs and wellness events to meet the most pressing needs of the business.

  • The creation of on-site ergonomic solutions as well as posture-related injury prevention through a unique process developed by Time Health Management.

  • On-site delivery of health care treatments including massage therapy, chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine, personal training, psychotherapy and others.

Monitoring Results

We will monitor outcome measurements to determine progress. We will also go the extra mile by fostering these sustainable initiatives. This will be done by creating ongoing programs to ensure that the multi-factorial components of workplace and individual health and wellness are covered.