Management Team

Dr. David Koivuranta
Founder, Chief Coordinating Officer


Dr. David Koivuranta brings over 2 decades of health care experience to the corporate world. He has provided health and vitality solutions to individuals, families and businesses by focusing on the causes and sources of ill health, disease and stress. As a result, he knows the importance of preventing these maladies before they occur.


Improper posture in the workplace is an epidemic that affects and penetrates all facets of the corporate world. Dr. Koivuranta has created a system that when implemented helps reduce and eliminate the occurrence of workplace related repetitive use disorders and concomitant health concerns.


He believes that health depends on five different factors. Optimizing the five components requires a team of skilled individuals who can bring significant returns on every dollar invested in health and safety. These returns can take many forms such as a reduction in absenteeism, improvement in employee morale and an increase in productivity.  Dr. Koivuranta has assembled a remarkable team of professionals to deliver essential services which produce these results with an emphasis on cost avoidance to the company and optimum workplace experiences for the employees.


Dr. Koivuranta  has delivered over 350 presentations on health covering topics like workplace ergonomics, repetitive use injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress, healthy lifestyles and other requested topics.